Do you look good in a suit? Look Like a Diamond in the Rough

There is always an aura in a man that wears a suit. Whether it is worn in a special occasion or just an everyday work wear, it puts more masculinity in the way a man looks. It adds an image of professional look and confidence but before you go straight to a department store and get one, you should know what to look for because not all of them will bring you to top of fashion class.


Although it is easy to acquire or rent a suit, there are always pros and cons in things such as this. So how do you dress to look good in a suit?

First, the suit must be comfortable enough for you to move freely without obstructions be it buttoned down or unbuttoned. The shirt should not be too loose or tight, try putting a finger between the collar and your neck, if it fits then it is okay. The edge of the shirt cuffs should not slide up when you stretch your arms.


Next, choose the right accessory for the suit. You will have a lot of options for this one. Neckties are a must if you want to have a complete look. There are a wide variety of these to choose from. Plain black and white ties are mostly used in formal occasions but colored and novelty ones can be used in different types of situations. Consider including a stud set and cufflinks to make your look more professional. A simple belt is also a plus to the look. Make sure the buckle is not too glamorous to be noticed all the time.

After accessories, try to look for a pair of shoes that match the whole suit. Again, this is supposed to be chosen more on the function side. Make sure they fit alright and are comfortable to walk on with. There is no point in wearing a perfectly good looking shoe if you will look funny walking in pain.


Now that you have chosen your suit. You have to make sure they are clean and well pressed before the occasion. You might want to clean yourself as well to make you look good.

Remember, these are just suggestions to take note of when trying on a suit. It is always important to make sure that you are comfortable and confident enough to wear one because if you are not, then it defeats the whole purpose of looking good even if the suit is top notch.